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Three Unknown Benefits of Lift Chairs

Three Unknown Benefits of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs make it easy to sit and stand with ease. This makes aging in place safer for anyone who uses one of our amazing lift chairs. But what are other benefits other than helping you sit and stand? Merrick Surgical is here to tell you some unknown benefits of lift chairs. 

The Trendelenburg Position 

Created by German physician Friederich Trendelenburg, this position raises your feet above your head, increasing blood flow in your lower extremities. Many doctors prescribe the therapeutic benefits of the Trendelenburg position for congestive heart failure, edema or other circulatory conditions where patients need to raise their legs above their heart for certain periods of time each day. Consult your physician regarding the use of the Trendelenburg position. Every MaxiComfort® chair incorporates the Trendelenburg position, so we’re happy to carry this series in order to help others! 

Postural Hypotension, Edema & Pressure Sores 

Lift chairs help all of the above! 10-30 percent of seniors experience postural hypertension, which causes a sudden and abrupt spike in blood pressure. This could lead to a person falling over due to this increase in blood pressure. A lift chair allows you to slowly rise and stabilize your blood pressure before standing fully on your own.  

Edema, or swollen legs, can become more common as you age while your body works harder. A lift chair allows you to raise your legs. This helps reduce the edema and creates better circulation, so you can become more comfortable. 

More than 2.5 million people develop pressure sores in the U.S. each year which increases the risk for infection. To help with pressure sores, you need to move – but this can be hard for those with limited mobility. A lift chair helps you change positions and move easily to aid in pressure sore relief. 

Risk of Injury 

Lift chairs help reduce the risk of injury. You are able to sit down easily and rise slowly to be sure you are planted on the ground. You can improve how your body functions, as mentioned above, and create better spinal alignment. It can also help a caregiver lift someone easier since they can move the position of the lift chair. This makes transferring to a wheelchair or other home medical equipment safer. A person who uses a lift chair will also feel more independent and comfortable which is great for overall morale. 

After reading these three unknown benefits of a lift chair, we hope that you’ll see why you need one! We have a large showroom so that you can come find the best fit for you by testing our products out for yourself. Check out our lift chair options here


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