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The staff at Merrick Surgical Supplies & Home Care is ready to help. If you have any questions about our products or services, reach out to us today. Simply get in touch by calling us at 516-378-0119 or visiting our showroom. We can't wait to meet you!

Nick F. | Massapequa, NY

The help and compassion I received at Merrick Surgical was remarkable. I wasn't there to purchase much, but Joyce advised me and helped me find what I needed, and assured me I could return what I did not need.

Professional, courteous, and compassionate support that is not easy to find, Merrick Surgical is a local gem.

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Janet P. | Merrick, NY

Leo was by far the most helpful, knowledgeable diagnostician who spent a half hour with my aunt assessing the appropriate cane for her.  He ensured she was happy and confident with her cane, which by the way, was the same and she entered into the store, just adjusted for her height.  He put a new bottom on the cane and all for the price of $0.00!  What a mensch and HONEST businessman.  Five stars**********

Andrea D. | Wantagh, NY

I've only used this place twice and both times they have been accommodating and price fare. First time my daughter needed a walking boot and this last time we needed a rented wheelchair for grandpa in from SC.

I was expecting it both to break the bank. Not at all.

Loreen M. | Long Island, NY

My daughter broke her toe and we came here to purchase a child's surgical boot. The lady who helped us was so nice and patient with my daughter. She fitted her with the correct size boot and showed her how to put it on and take it off correctly. There were a lot of different supplies available for probably most medical issues that you can think of and they were fully stocked. I hope I won't need to return here for medical reasons, but if we need a medical supply store, this is where I will go.

Carmine S. | Massapequa, NY

This Surgical Supply Store is located right on Merrick Avenue across from Chatterton School. It's easy to spot with it's colorful green signs in the front windows. Once inside it's surgical supplies are well placed, with plenty of surgical supplies to choose from and to test out!

The best part of this store is the staff and the customer service for sure. Maureen was an excellent greeter and conversation hold for sure. Leo was so knowledge and experience about all of his products. He really took the time to show you how to use the equipment. Then he took then time to properly set up the equipment for you. Together they make the best team around!

I would definitely return if I needed any other surgical supplies. It's definitely worth the drive!

Leesa Z. | Los Angeles, CA

Leo, and Merrick Surgical Supply are a lifesaver! I called on a Saturday, desperate to help my elderly mom out with getting her a much needed lift chair. Leo was instantly super friendly, and eager to help, mentioning that they could deliver today!!! And sure enough, he stood by his word, personally delivered the chair, making sure that my mom was well taken care of. Amazing customer service, executed happily with a can-do attitude! I am so grateful and impressed. Leo kept in touch with me via text to let me know all was good, writing a very heartfelt message, "if we change one life we can change the world" Leo is sure in the right business.

Buddy R. | Huntington, NY

Leo, Joyce and Maureen are the absolute best! My wife broke her foot 2 days before Christmas and was a wreck. They took such good care of us,  calmed my wife down and got us what we needed.  We will be back for any surgical supply needs.

Christina M. | Town of Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY

Joyce was amazing and so helpful with all the information that I needed to select a wheelchair for my grandfather. Leo also helped me to select the right items. She even went above and beyond to make me copies of the paperwork so that I wouldn't have to take an extra step. I am super appreciative and will definitely return for my family's needs!!

Lou L. | Manhattan, NY

What a wonderful place!

Joyce goes out of her to be compassionate and beyond caring.

I was dealing with ordering a lift chair and items for my elderly parent- not only does she know the details of each item. She has a great deal of empathy for the entire process. I will not go anywhere else!!

Josie F. | Freeport, NY

I highly recommend Merrick Surgical Supplies for one main reason: JOYCE!  What an absolutely lovely, friendly, knowledgeable and caring woman. I went there to get crutches after getting very bad news that I had broken a bone in my knee. It was cold and snowy out and I had trouble walking to the store by myself. Not only did Joyce make me feel at home and comforted me like she was a member of my family when I arrived, but she also made sure that I was OK and had help walking to my car so that I would not fall. You can get Medical Supplies at any store, and this store is well-priced and well-stocked, but Joyce is what made the difference to me that day.  You just don't get that kind of personal attention and one-on-one customer service any more.  

I really felt that Joyce cared about me as a person and she made me feel so welcome, I almost did not want to leave.  But I did, with my new crutches and feeling better than I walked in.  

To my surprise, the next day I got a phone call from Joyce who called me to see how I was doing and if I was feeling better. She said to feel free to come see her if I needed anything or if she could help me in any way. Tears almost welled up in my eyes. I could not believe how sweet and caring Joyce is. Talk about going above and beyond your job description to just be an all-around good person.  

God Bless you Joyce and thanks for making a difference when I needed it most.  ---Josie Feliz


I'm compelled to write a review on this place even though I was not able to find there the ankle brace (speed lace-up) that I was looking for my daughter. The rep who greeted and assisted us was such a nice lady that I would not doubt returning to this location for any medical supplies we may need (hopefully we won't need any  ).

Kevin C. | Bayside, NY

My wife is suffering from ALS and I was recommended to Merrick Surgical Supplies. My friend who referred me knows my wife well. We needed to find a surgical supply center that would literally "fit my wife " with the proper walker that she could use every day. It was her choice but she needed to know every aspect of the product. The owner has a servant leadership mentality. After my wife walked around the store with several walkers she choose one and the owner virtually fitted her to maximize her mobility, comfort and safety. That same owner walked with my wife to the care and demonstrated how to fold and put the walker  in and out of the car safely.

My wife spends literally 3 hours a week looking for viable coupons to use and she saves significant money every week. When it comes to your health,safety and comfort you need a compassionate professional. She met that professional at Merrick Surgical Supplies.

Thank you Leo,

Kevin Crosthwaite

Alluring Design V. | Hewlett, NY

Merrick Surgical Supplies and Leo in particular are the best!!!

I purchased there a lift chair for my mom several years ago. They did delivery same day and fixed couple problems with the chair in following years very quick and efficient.

For some reasons (not connected to the manufacture or Supply office) we needed to say "good buy" to this chair and purchase a new one. It happened when I was on my vacation in Europe. All papers and contact information for the Merrick Supplies was left back home. But I knew for sure that this is the only place I wanted to purchase a new chair from. After some  internet  search I found them! Believe it or not Leo delivered a new chair the next day, moved the furniture around my mom's apartment to accommodate her needs, made sure that my mom is 100% happy! I can not wish for better service!!! This place is definitely running by the right person and highly recommended by me.

Qais S. | Melville, NY

The staff here is the main reason I'm leaving this review.  Very knowledgeable and helpful from beginning to end.  Joyce is an absolute gem, I was very impressed with her professionalism and customer service.  Highly recommend them!

Amanda S. | Jamaica, Queens, NY

I have just had the best experience dealing with the owner Mr. Leo. Although we didn't buy anything, (yet) he was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in helping us decide on the types of equipment to buy for my grandmother. He took his time and answered all of our questions and demystified the entire process. I would definitely recommend shopping here.

Maria G. | Massapequa, NY

Leo and Andra were absolutely fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the best products for your needs, in my case an elderly parent. Great place -Great people. I highly recommend it.

Rachel A. | Bellmore, NY

I went here for a cervical pillow. I spoke with Joyce who was beyond kind and helpful!!! She went way above her job description in trying to assist me with my problem. I am so grateful for her help! I will definitely be coming here again for any supply needs and referring everyone I know!

Barry H. | Levittown, NY

Went to one of the huge orthopedic doctor practice offices in the area and received a prescription for "knee brace."  Nothing else was explained to me and nothing more was written on the script.  

I knew of this shop from having passed by for years and I thought, okay, even though it was nearly 6 p.m., if they're open I might as well get it taken care of ASAP so I can start healing.  

Well, let me tell you, I got more attention to my knee injury, better advice and examination, and probably a better diagnosis in the long run, from the owner of this shop.  What a terrific job he did, seeing to it that I got just what I needed.  He fitted me better than some tailors I know, and I walked out with just the right product.  

I'm only wondering, why did I need the prescription?  Hmm, come to think of it, why did I need to waste my time seeing the doctor?  Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating with that last question, but suffice to say, the wonderful folks at Merrick Surgical Supplies are a great place when you need a device or instrument of support for your health and wellness.

Natasha S. | Baldwin, NY

Andra was very knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service. This will be my go to surgical supply store!

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