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Flexabed Angles That Can Help Improve Your Pain or Health Condition

Flexabed Angles That Can Help Improve Your Pain or Health Condition

Introducing Flexabed Adjustable Beds – the perfect solution for a variety of medical conditions. These beds offer a range of customizable positions that cater to individual needs. By elevating or adjusting specific sections of the bed, they provide precise support and relief, targeting issues like back pain, arthritis, and sleep apnea. With the potential to improve comfort and overall well-being, Flexabed adjustable beds offer assistance for a wide range of health concerns. 

Arthritis and Joint Pain 

For individuals dealing with arthritis or joint problems, Flexabed could be a game changer. By tweaking the bed to find your sweet spot, you're giving your joints a break from the strain. That means less pain and more comfort.  

Acid Reflux  

If you deal with acid reflux, lifting your upper body slightly with Flexabed can help reduce acid reflux trouble. The slight tilt uses gravity to keep the stomach acids where they belong, easing digestion and saying goodbye to nagging discomfort. 

Back Pain 

If your back often hurts or you are dealing with a herniated disc, these beds can ease the pressure on your back and give extra support where you need it. You can adjust how you lie down to reach optimal comfort. When the pressure on your back goes down, your back can get in better shape and feel better than before! 

Circulation Assistance 

Lifting your legs can do wonders for your circulatory system and bring relief for different health issues such as poor circulation. When you elevate your legs, gravity lends a hand in making blood flow from your feet back up to your heart. This improved circulation can work like a charm to ease swelling and problems like varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis that can cause discomfort. 

Post-Surgery Recovery 

Flexabed goes the extra mile in providing improved comfort and top-notch support during the crucial post-surgery recovery period. When you tweak the bed to match your exact needs, you're not only reducing pain but also giving your healing process a significant boost. 

Insomnia Support 

Tweaking the head or foot of your bed for extra comfort can really make a difference in sleep quality for individuals dealing with insomnia. Finding the right angle for your head or feet can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night. These adjustments can help with discomforts such as stuffy noses or swollen legs. 

Sleep Apnea 

Adjusting your head to be slightly raised during your sleep can be a great solution for those dealing with sleep apnea. A slight tilt provided by a Flexabed can improve your breathing by preventing blockages in your airway. This means fewer interruptions in your breathing during the night. With better airflow, you might finally enjoy deeper, uninterrupted sleep. 

Pregnancy Discomfort 

Flexabeds have a lot to offer to pregnant women, making their journey much more comfortable and flexible. They can easily change the angle of their upper body or legs, which is a big help in easing the common aches and pains of pregnancy.  

Don't let pain or discomfort hold you back any longer—embrace better sleep and comfort with Flexabed. Reach out to Merrick Surgical, your destination for Flexabed solutions, and experience better health and ultimate comfort. 


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