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How to Know if You Need a Lift Chair

How to Know if You Need a Lift Chair


Lift chairs are known for their ability to drastically reduce pain, lessen the risk of injury and increase independence. When exactly is it time to switch from your regular recliner to a lift chair? This blog will help you decide. If you answer “yes” to the following questions, it’s time to start shopping for a lift chair! 

Do you have a hard time standing or sitting? 

You may notice your energy draining quicker as you get older, which is normal and expected. Standing up out of a chair and sitting back down can become exhausting or even painful, which is why lift chairs are so helpful. With the push of a button, the chair rises to a standing position to give you a boost while allowing you to sit down gradually.  

Have you been spending more time in your recliner? 

If you find yourself spending more time resting in your recliner than you used to, now would be a good time for an upgrade. Say goodbye to your old recliner requiring you to manually elevate your feet – lift chairs make adjusting your chair simple! They provide maximum comfort, so it would be ideal for someone who plans on spending lots of time in the chair.  

Do you plan on aging in place? 

A lift chair is the perfect home addition when you plan on living at home for a while longer. If you have an at-home caregiver or a family member helping you out, it’ll be a great help to them when it comes to transferring assistance. If you’re living independently, it’ll help you transfer yourself safely. 

Are you at a higher risk for falling? 

Not only are lift chairs a great place to sit and relax, but they’re ideal for sleeping, too. Falls are common when getting in and out of bed, so making your lift chair a new sleeping or napping spot would greatly reduce your risk of falls.  

Do you have painful joints, sore knees or an aching back? 

With the easy-to-use adjustment buttons, lift chairs provide pain relief as you adjust your position whenever you want. If you have back pain, you can position the chair to lay flat to relieve pressure on your spine. If your knees are in pain, simply lift your legs to your preferred height. 

Have you had issues with swelling in the legs or feet? 

Swelling in the legs and feet is common among seniors, and elevation is the key to swelling relief. Lift chairs make elevating your feet simple and convenient. It’s also helpful for reducing swelling present after surgery, so if you have surgery coming up, a lift chair would be extremely helpful as well. 

Here at Merrick Surgical, our success and customer satisfaction has been built on the lift chairs we provide. If you agree with any of the above questions and are considering a lift chair, check out what we offer in our catalog! Feel free to contact us with any questions on the products we offer. 


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