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Calling All Expecting Mothers: Relax in Comfort with a Lift Chair

Calling All Expecting Mothers: Relax in Comfort with a Lift Chair

Lift chairs are typically seen as something for older adults who have a hard time getting out of chairs as their knees and legs might be too weak to stand them up. However, they can also be beneficial for pregnant women. If you are a new or expecting mother, read on to see how a lift chair might benefit you.  

Allows You to Get Comfortable 

Getting comfortable can be a challenge for expecting mothers. You are carrying another human with you all day and it can take a toll on your back, amongst other things. Lift chairs can take this discomfort away as you are able to move the chair into a position that is right for you. If that position is more laid back or more upright, the lift chair can do it.   

Makes Getting Up Easy 

Pregnancy can make getting up and sitting down a challenge, whether it be from a bed or a chair. Lift chairs are true to their name as they make getting up from chairs that much easier. With a lift chair, you can feel confident in your own ability to stand up when you need to and won’t have to ask someone for assistance.  

Decreases Swelling 

As your pregnancy goes on, your body is constantly changing. The result of this can be swelling. When you are in the later stages of your pregnancy, sitting in a normal chair can start becoming more and more uncomfortable. Sitting in a lift chair will allow you to lay down in a comfortable position that will alleviate some of the swelling in your feet and pressure in your waist.  

Provides Relief and Support 

Acid reflux can be common amongst infants and small children and holding your child while they sleep might be the only way that they can fall asleep. A lift chair can provide relief that a normal recliner cannot in this case. Along with providing relief for acid reflux, it will also provide support while you are breastfeeding your child.  

Lift chairs can provide a bunch of benefits, not only for older adults, but also for expecting mothers. If you are interested in learning more about lift chairs or want to purchase one for yourself, you can visit our website or contact us.  


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