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New Year, New Lift Chair!

New Year, New Lift Chair!

As we head into the new year, it is time to start making new year’s resolutions, whether that be to better your health or to make sure that your loved ones are better-taken care of. If you want to make sure that your aging loved ones are safe in their homes as they age, maybe it is time to get them a lift chair. Wondering if a lift chair is right for either your loved one or yourself? Continue reading to find out.  

Who Needs a Lift Chair? 

Lift chairs provide a safe and stable way for those who have limited mobility to stand up from a seated position. This will give your loved one the ability to stay in their home longer, therefore, giving them the independence that they want. There are various illnesses, diseases and disorders that may have an impact on one's mobility. Aging people often need assistance in order to stand up. By investing in a lift chair for your loved one, this job will no longer be on you. The chair itself will be able to aid them to the point where they simply have to straighten up. A lift chair also helps in getting them in the perfect position to be the most comfortable.  

What Can a Lift Chair Do? 

Lift chairs provide a stable way for your loved ones to get out of their chair. The chair comes with a remote that can allow them to lay their chair back in just the right position for them to be comfortable whether they are relaxing, reading or sleeping. The lift chair also has a button that brings their hips over their knees almost to a standing position so all they have to do from there is straighten their back. This eliminates the need for someone to come and help them up. This benefits both parties as it decreases the risk of any injuries.  

What Are the Benefits of a Lift Chair? 

Lift chairs can provide a plethora of benefits not only for your loved one but for their caregiver as well. Transferring someone from their chair to a wheelchair can be a challenging task as caregivers have to lean over and tug on the person in order to get them to a standing position. This can increase the risk of injuries. However, having a lift chair can decrease this risk as the chair is doing the work. Lift chairs can also increase your loved one’s mental well-being as it provides them with independence.  

Finally, lift chairs are adjustable so that your loved one can get into a position that is the most comfortable with just a push of a button. Being able to recline easier will also help reduce any swelling in their legs that they might have.  

If you want to give your loved one the life they want, then maybe a lift chair is what they need. They provide great benefits and can even impact you. If you are interested in learning what lift chairs we have to offer, visit our website or you can contact us today! 


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