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Top FAQ After Purchasing a Lift Chair

Top FAQ After Purchasing a Lift Chair

A lift chair is a worthwhile purchase that will provide you with many benefits for years to come. If you have recently purchased a lift chair, you may still have a few questions. We are going to share with you five of the top FAQ after purchasing a lift chair — keep reading! 

1. How do I maintain my lift chair?

  • Taking care of and maintaining your lift chair is very important to ensure that everything is working correctly and that it’s safe to use. One thing that you should be doing regularly is cleaning your lift chair. Once a month, you should clean the motor, hand control, and cord by wiping them down or vacuuming them to clean off any built-up dirt and dust. If something spills on the fabric of the chair, it’s important to clean it as soon as you can, usually, any fabric cleaner will work unless noted otherwise. Cleaning specifications can be found in the instructions that come with your chair. 

2. What benefits will I receive from utilizing my lift chair?

  • Utilizing a lift chair can help you in many ways and can provide many health benefits! A lift chair helps you maintain your independence by allowing you to go from being seated to standing without the help of others. Utilizing a lift chair will reduce your risk of injury as well! A lift chair can provide pain relief for those who suffer from sore joints, back pain, and arthritis pain.  

3. How long do lift chairs last?

  • How long a lift chair will last depends on the model that you purchased and how well it has been maintained. Generally, a lift chair can last about 10 years but if the lift chair was in an environment around children and pets, then the life expectancy might be less than that.  

4. Who is my lift chair safe for?

  • A lift chair is best suited for anyone that fits in it and is within the weight capacity. It’s important for someone who is too large or doesn’t fit the dimensions of the chair to not use the chair for safety reasons. It’s also recommended to keep children away from lift chairs as they are not meant to be toys.  

5. How will I know if my lift chair needs repair?

  • It’s important to know the signs of malfunction so that you can get your lift chair repaired quickly and safely. You can monitor the lift chair to see if it’s doing anything different than usual, which could be an indicator that something is wrong. Another indicator is if your lift chair is going slower or hesitating to move positions. If your lift chair’s motor is loud or is making an unusual noise, that could indicate a problem and should be looked at immediately by a professional.  

Owning a lift chair will be extremely beneficial for you and will increase your overall safety. If you have recently purchased a lift chair and have any questions that we didn’t answer in this blog, reach out to our team today, we’re happy to answer them!  


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