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Tips to Get Around Safely with a Mobility Device

Tips to Get Around Safely with a Mobility Device

Whether you live with limited mobility or you want to make sure a loved one can get around safely, there’s a lot to consider when shopping for a mobility device. At Merrick Surgical Supply & Home Care, we specialize in helping our patients find a mobility device that is not only safe but allows them to maintain their independence. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some tips to help you safely get around when using your mobility device.  

Mobility Device Tip – Know Your Device’s Capabilities 

This may seem simple, but it’s important to remember that every mobility device is built to serve a specific purpose. This means every mobility device has certain capabilities and, just as importantly, limitations. For example, if you are trying to get around an area that has varying elevation levels, you’d be better served by a power chair or mobility scooter instead of a manual wheelchair, walker or rollator. 

Mobility Devices For Your Home 

Many homes do not have enough space to accommodate devices as big as most power chairs and mobility scooters. For many mobility device users, that means it’s important to have a manual device or ambulatory aid that can be used inside the home that can be stored away when they’re not in use. These devices can include: 

Mobility Device Accessories You May Need 

Regardless of the mobility device you use, there are items that make it easier for you to use your device. For example, your mobility device may need extra storage to carry your belongings or specialized cushions to keep you comfortably seated. Another thing to consider is portable ramps that allow you to make it over slight changes in elevation or thresholds for doorways.  

If you need help finding the right mobility device and making sure you have everything needed to use it safely, Merrick Surgical is ready to serve you. Please contact us so we can get started on helping you maintain your mobility and independence.  


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