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Gift Guide for Mother’s and Father’s Day

Gift Guide for Mother’s and Father’s Day

Do you have aging parents whose wish is to stay in their home and keep their independence? With Mother’s and Father's Day around the corner, it is a great time to start thinking about what you could get them to help fulfill their wishes.  

As parents begin to age, the need for affordable medical care becomes a priority. This includes medical supplies which can help enhance their comfort and health and fulfill the needs of aging individuals that need more assistance doing daily tasks. If your parents need assistance with walking, sleeping, using the restroom or even getting out of a chair, Merrick Surgical has the supplies for them. If you are interested in purchasing home medical equipment for your parents, keep reading to find what supplies will benefit them most. 

Lift Chairs 

Lift chairs are a great idea for parents who have limited mobility and struggle to stand up and sit down. Lift chairs will give your parents independence by providing them with support while they lower themselves into their seat or lift themselves out of it. Lift chairs allow your parents to raise themselves to the point where all they must do is straighten themselves out, eliminating the need for your or someone else's help and decreasing the risk of injuries. 

Bathroom Safety 

Are you worried about your parents slipping and falling while bathing themselves or using the restroom? There are a few quick and easy modifications you can make to your parents' bathroom to prevent serious falls.  

If your parents are struggling to lower themselves into a chair, they are probably struggling to use the bathroom as well. Invest in a commode or toilet raiser to decrease the amount your parents must rise and fall from the toilet.  

If your parents have difficulty standing for extended periods of time, investing in a shower chair can increase their confidence and independence. These additions will allow your parents to stay seated and safe while practicing good hygiene. With a shower chair, a removable shower head is also recommended. This will allow your parents to take the head off and cleanse themselves properly.  

Lastly, but most importantly, grab bars. Grab bars allow your parents to grab onto something sturdier than a towel rack to keep balance to avoid falling. They can be installed inside and outside the shower to keep them safe. 

Scooters and Power Wheelchairs 

Do your parents wish that they could get out of the house more, get fresh air, go on walks, but struggle with mobility? A scooter or power chair may make a great gift for them! At Merrick, we carry a line of Golden Technologies’ scooters so your parents can find a newfound sense of freedom. 

Walkers and Canes 

If your parents need a little extra assistance while walking, a cane or even a walker may be beneficial. Both eliminate the need for full assistance when getting around. Merrick has a range of stylish canes, 4-wheel walkers, walkers with and without wheels and built-in seats! 

We’d love to help you find the perfect gift for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Contact us today if you have any questions or view our online catalog now! 


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