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8 Hobbies to Pick Up When You Have Limited Mobility

8 Hobbies to Pick Up When You Have Limited Mobility

Having limited mobility doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and give up everything that you once did. There are activities and hobbies you can pick up to keep you occupied and pass time. Below are eight hobbies you can do as they do not require having a lot of mobility.  

Puzzles and Games 

If you do not have the best mobility, puzzles and games are a great activity or hobby you can do. Playing games or doing puzzles is an activity that you can either do by yourself or if you are feeling more social, you can do it with a group of friends. Card games can be an exciting recreational game as they keep your mind busy and improve your memory. Crosswords, Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles also increase your memory’s capacity while providing hours of entertainment.  


Reading is a great hobby or activity for you to pick up, especially if you spend most of the time in your bed or a lift chair. This is an activity that allows you to not have to get up and move around; however, you pass the time while keeping your mind engaged. Reading can help improve your memory, reduce stress, improve nap patterns and interrupt cognitive deterioration. Also, if you are a little more mobile, you can join a book club to get that social aspect in as well.  


Even if you have limited mobility, exercising is important. There are exercises that can be done while sitting down such as neck stretches, shoulder rolls, toe taps and seated jumping jacks. By doing these exercises, it will help decrease swelling on your joints, especially in your knees and improve health and bone flexibility. These exercises require limited movement while relaxing your mind and improving your mood. Using a walker can help you move your feet and ankles more easily.  

Get Outside 

Getting outside and enjoying nature can instantly lift your mood. Although having limited mobility gives you a shorter list of things to do, there are still plenty of activities to take part in to have an enjoyable time. Those can include doing simple tasks in the garden or even just sitting on the porch catching up with family and friends.  

Listen to Music 

Music is said to heal the soul. Therefore, listening to your favorite song or artist can help reduce your stress and anxiety while you dance it out a little. It is also said that listening to music can improve your immune function, sleep and memory.  

Get Creative 

Drawing, coloring, painting or sculpting are all great activities to do if you have limited mobility. It allows you to tap into your creative side. If painting or coloring does not sound like something you wish to do, you can always try scrapbooking or even organizing photo albums. Using your creativity can reduce stress and anxiety while improving overall medical outcomes.  

Learn a New Language 

Although you are not likely to travel to a foreign country anytime soon, it does not mean you can’t learn a new language. Learning a few words and phrases from a language or culture that fascinates you is not only fun but good for your brain as well. To learn a new language, you can go to books for help or there are other ways such as Rosetta Stone software, the Duolingo app or


Writing is a great activity or hobby to pick up if you have limited mobility as you can do it from anywhere, whether it be a wheelchair, bed, lift chair, etc. Writing can help focus your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. You can reminisce about past experiences, express yourself, or explore new ideas through journaling, poetry, memoirs and more. If some of these examples, such as writing a memoir, are too much for you, you can start with writing a card or a letter to a family member or a friend that you have not seen in a while.  

Having a hobby that you like to do will help you avoid boredom during the day and allow you to use your mind. This will help reduce stress and anxiety that you might have. So, continue that hobby you have or start a new one. It is good for you! And if you need a little extra help, we have countless medical equipment items to help you continue being active. 


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