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6 Tips for Recovering from Knee Surgery

6 Tips for Recovering from Knee Surgery

Recovering from any surgery, including knee surgery, is an ongoing process and it’s important to follow doctor’s orders and take it easy until you’re fully healed up! The sooner you heal, the faster you can get back to your favorite activities. Below, we’ve gathered some general tips to keep in mind during recovery - but remember to always check with your doctor before making any big changes to your recovery routine:  

1. Keep Your Knee Straight 

When recovering from knee surgery, it’s important to keep your knee joint completely straight. Your doctor will let you know when you can begin moving and bending your knee. When you’re laying down or resting, make sure there's no bend in your joint! If you're turning to face a different direction, make sure you turn your entire body to avoid twisting it. 

2. Wear Your Knee Brace 

If you are given a knee brace, wear it! We know that sometimes you might want to take it off or move around without it, but it’s essential to recovery and it’ll be off before you know it. The brace provides your knee the stability it needs to heal properly and helps keep the strain off of it. 

3. Utilize Crutches or a Wheelchair 

If you have to move around, using crutches or a wheelchair ensures that you’re getting around safely while minimizing the risk of impeding your recovery. Also, remember to avoid lifting heavy objects or engaging in other activities that may put additional strain on your knee. 

4. Invest in a Lift Chair 

It’s essential to minimize the amount that you’re on your feet and moving around. A great way to do so is by reclining comfortably in a lift chair! Lift chairs come in many different options and settings that allow you to recline at different degrees, so you can find the perfect spot to relax while keeping your knee straight. Plus, it’s a great napping spot after you’ve recovered! 

5. Participate in Physical Therapy 

If you are prescribed physical therapy, make sure you adhere to it. This will speed up recovery and ensure that your joints are healing properly. Your physical therapist will help you exercise and monitor your knee to check for any issues resulting from exercise. If you are experiencing swelling, using an ice pack a few times per day for 10-20 minutes can help reduce inflammation and pain. 

6. Stay Positive 

Every individual is different, and people progress at different rates. Just adhere to the guidelines outlined by your doctor and be sure to call your doctor as soon as you can if you are experiencing any issues post-recovery. 

We hope you’re back on your feet quickly. As your local lift chair expert, Merrick Surgical is here to help you do so in the best way we can—by providing you with tons of lift chair options to suit your unique needs. Explore the lift chairs we offer on our website or give us a call at 516-378-0119 if you have any questions! 


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